Lake Area Advisory Council

The Lake Area Advisory Council was formed in the summer of 2017. The Council consists of one member of the Lakeshore Property Owners Ass., the Lakeshore Crime Prevention District, the Lake Vista Property Owners Ass., the Lake Vista Crime Prevention District, the Lake Terrace Property Owners Ass., the Lake Terrace crime Prevention District, the Lake Oaks Neighborhood Ass;, the Lake Oaks Crime Prevention District, the Lakeview Civic Improvement Ass;, and the Lakeview Crime Prevention District.

The Council was formed to address and coordinate thoughtful responses to issues affecting the Lakefront and Lake area communities. To communicate and develop more effective strategies within the participating organizations, to solve individual and group concerns, and to interact with the Orleans Levee District, City and State entities with whom we work.

As all of you are aware, criminal activity in our area has increase dramatically in the past several months, especially crimes committed by juveniles.

The Council has scheduled a meeting for March 20, 2019, 5:30PM, at the St Pius X Gym, 6600 Spanish Fort Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124 to address the increase in criminal activity in our area.

Leon Cannizzaro, District Attorney, Jared Brossett, Councilman Dist. "D", Helena Moreno, Councilperson at Large, and Commander Jeff Wall, NOPD Third District, have been invited to participate in the discussion.

All residents are invited to attend.

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