Orleans Levee District Patrol

Lake Vista Crime Prevention District announces that Sunday, April 15, METRO will no longer patrol Lake Vista. Orleans Levee District (OLD) Police (off duty) will patrol our neighborhood. This detail will be managed and overseen by Captain Donald Juneau with 26 years experience as a police officer.

EMERGENCIES: call 283-9800 followed by 911.

This is an important crime fighting step for Lake Vista. Police will arrive at your home in 5 minutes or less. If not, call OLD Police Chief, Kerry Najolia 504-616-8539 and let LVCPD know info@lvcpd.com.

  • Post 283-9800 emergency number in your cell phones and in your homes.
  • Share this phone number with all family members.
  • See anything suspicious call 283-9800 followed by 911.

ANY and ALL questions or comments please reach out to LVCPD at info@lvcpd.com.

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