Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

Dear Lake Vista Neighbors:

With the holiday season upon us, Lake Vista Crime Prevention District has added additional hours of Security Patrol Service during Christmas and New Years to provide a level of comfort to our neighbors.  With that in mind, we still advise you to exercise common sense in always locking cars and homes and never leaving possessions in your automobiles.  

Please take a minute to double check that you have locked everything to protect yourselves, family and neighbors.  

Nothing can ruin the Christmas Spirit than becoming a victim of Holiday Crime!

We all like to have our Christmas trees, decorated by a window, for all to see! All that we have purchased and wrapped to give, is at the bottom of the tree! Make sure that you close you’re the blinds or curtains for your Holiday Tree Window, so prying eyes cannot look into your house when you are not home!

Turning off your Christmas tree lights before retiring for the night, is not only a good Fire Safety Precaution, but it does not allow for suspicious people to know what area of your house all those presents are located!

If you have hidden or secondary keys, on or around your property, recover these immediately! Criminals are always looking for ways to enter a property without forced entry or causing damage that makes noise and alerts your neighbors!

When you go shopping, always lock your gifts in a non-viewable area of your car, such as the trunk. If you have an SUV, make sure the gifts are covered or in closed, non-transparent containers. Do not leave any valuables, especially bought and wrapped gifts in your vehicles. Remember…”Eye Candy” of what they want to take from you, should not be left for them to see! 

Also, when you go shopping, do not over-burden yourself carrying too many bags or bought items. Have a clear and direct line of sight to and from your vehicle. Have your keys in hand, ready to push the alarm button, if you see anyone suspicious following you to your car or near your vehicle!

Most important of all! Do not leave discarded or opened commercial boxes in front your house or in a trash pile! What you just got for your house and family is an open invitation to suspicious eyes and criminals casing your neighborhood. Break down, tear up or shred commercial gift boxes and place them in black trash bags for your garbage pick up! 


Captain Donald Juneau, New Orleans and East Jefferson Levee District Police

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